dpc09: Day 3 - Some more highlights en

By drm on Saturday 13 June 2009 18:20 - Comments (1)
Category: Development, Views: 5.540

However compelling the title of this blogpost, I attended some great talks today. Not all of them were among the best (anyone who attended the opening keynote would probably agree *ahem* ;)), but I'll highlight some of the stuff I heard today

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dpc09: Day 2 - My (personal) highlights en

By drm on Friday 12 June 2009 18:50 - Comments (5)
Category: Development, Views: 3.455

I'm just gonna pick the highlights today. I have written quite some stuff down about every speaker I heard, but the highlights for me personally were the following.

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dpc09: Day 1 - Matthew Weier O'Phinney - Zend Framework tutorial en

By drm on Thursday 11 June 2009 19:54 - Comments are closed
Category: Development, Views: 2.883

I attended the Matthew Weier O'Phinney talk about Zend Framework. It was an 8 hour (more or less) tutorial on how to use it, mainly focusing on the application design-side of things. I always regret when such a speaker is taunted with a majority of "RTFM" questions and there will always be the wisecrack raising hand and saying "This will generate a Parse error, because you forgot the semi-colon at the end of your statement". (Are you kidding me....? |:( ). Well, it's part of the deal, I suppose.

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dpc09: The day before - Dutch PHP Conference en

By drm on Thursday 11 June 2009 00:23 - Comments (7)
Category: Development, Views: 5.620

Tomorrow (well, technically, today) the Dutch PHP conference starts. I will be attending with two of my colleagues at Zicht, Jelle-Jan and Rik. Jelle and I have registered for the Zend Framework tutorial and Rik has for the Zend Certification program.

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