The horror of open source behemoths en

By drm on Thursday 29 October 2009 19:03 - Comments (11)
Category: Development, Views: 4.743

There are a few projects out there that give open source a bad name. I won't call the project in question by name here, but let's say some open source web CMS'es scratch a part of my memory which was heavily repressed - with reason.

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"Segmentation Faulty Tree" en

By drm on Saturday 24 October 2009 15:50 - Comments (6)
Category: Linux / BSD, Views: 4.043

I am trying out Debian GNU/Linux (unstable) on my desktop for a while now, and I am not yet used to apt as a packemanager. I'm sure it's darn powerful (why else whould Debian run on it, as one of the oldest and most revered distro's), but it feels like it hides the most simple tasks into different things, like listing installed packages is done with dpkg, finding package names with apt-cache, and installing/removing with apt-get. Hmmm, not really sure why it isn't just all wrapped in one utility (besides of course the more graphical stuff like aptitude or synaptic).

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FreeBSD at the desktop: It didn't make it en

By drm on Saturday 3 October 2009 18:28 - Comments (28)
Category: Linux / BSD, Views: 8.043

It is a sad day. With due pain in my chest, I have decided not to go through with FreeBSD at the desktop. I absolutely love FreeBSD's basic concepts of clean system setup, clearly dividing kernel, base system and userland, and the best documentation I have ever seen on any open source project. So nothing but "kudo's" there, and I will keep using it at my home server, and I will keep supporting it for that purpose. But no, right now, it is not the thing as it comes to the desktop.

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