Twig, the next generation template engine for PHP en

By drm on Tuesday 9 February 2010 20:50 - Comments (12)
Category: Development, Views: 27.880

I've been using Smarty 2 for about 7 years, and, while Smarty 3 is still in beta, Twig just popped up in the scene. Notable Smarty opposer Fabien Potencier was apparently converted by this template engine, so Twig must either be magic, or excellent, or both.

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VirtualBox is more free than you might think en

By drm on Friday 5 February 2010 00:35 - Comments (14)
Categories: Development, Tips, tips, tips ..., Views: 16.874

I read a post today at the Zend Framework general mailinglist from Ralf Eggert, having trouble with Internet Explorer 6. As all of us developers know, IE6 is trouble.

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HipHop - The talk of the day en

By drm on Wednesday 3 February 2010 19:48 - Comments (15)
Categories: Development, Miscellaneous, Views: 4.019

Today I read about HipHop, the talk of the day in the PHP community. It is basically a PHP to C++ compiler, developed by Facebook to have all benefits of compiled binaries (improved performance, more efficient memory management, less overhead), without having to train their PHP developers into C++ developers or do a big round of fire-and-hire. They open sourced it today.

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