Linux Devbox: Running multiple PHP versions en

By drm on Saturday 30 October 2010 14:38 - Comments (10)
Categories: Development, Linux / BSD, Views: 8.751

Ever since PHP5 came out, there is some need to run multiple PHP versions on your local development box, or at least make it easy to switch from one version to another. Derick Rethans has posted a solution based on your PATH environment variable. I have devised an alternative approach which changes the system wide used PHP version.

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ReTwizzle this: #lorizzle en

By drm on Wednesday 20 October 2010 19:59 - Comments (3)
Category: Miscellaneous, Views: 2.266

Today and yesterday, analytics of peaked because some people with obviously more followers than me, tweeted about it. So, apparently, a 3 year old site with virtually no updates can become a late 2010 twitter hit. Check it out yourself:

It's a cool experience being a co-creator of a hit, but let's await tomorrow and see if it's actually a one day fly. It probably is ;)