Introducing Spritzer: A CSS sprite generator en

By drm on Sunday 23 January 2011 15:07 - Comments are disabled
Category: Development, Views: 2.840

CSS sprites are pretty useful in web development. The general idea is you use one big image that contains all your icons and other interface-related images and use that image as a background for your HTML elements, shifting it’s position such that the right portion of the sprite is displayed.

This technique is becoming more and more popular, but the setting up of sprites can be a time consuming process. Spritzer is a little tool that can help you do the job so you have extra time for more fun things.

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About MySQL, UTF-8 and saving headaches en

By drm on Saturday 15 January 2011 14:28 - Comments are disabled
Category: Development, Views: 2.671

One of the most confusing topics ever in web development history is character sets. MySQL has a lot of features to help you with this, but when things go wrong, it can be a real pain to get it solved. Read this and fear no more.

HTML5 WebSocket Server - Work in Progress en

By drm on Sunday 9 January 2011 22:57 - Comments are disabled
Category: Development, Views: 3.625

So, I thought I’d devise a websocket server in Python. I’ve been tweeting some stuff about that too, but as soon as I wanted to publish the source code, I accidentally deleted, instead of websocket.pyc (which I didn’t want to occur on github). That was quite dumb…

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10 must-have key and mouse binding configs in Openbox en

By drm on Saturday 8 January 2011 15:21 - Comments are disabled
Category: Linux / BSD, Views: 3.784

In openbox, you have a configuration file in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml in which you can pretty much configure all the shortcuts you need in a lifetime. Here’s my top ten configurations, along with their code.

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