How to restore grub with a live CD en

By drm on Saturday 12 March 2011 14:23 - Comments are disabled
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I borked my primary boot device’s grub installation last week because I wanted to start Windows 7 to play some LAN games. Windows 7 wouldn’t boot from grub, so I thought I’d install a new grub version. I reinstalled grub before regenerating the config file and rebooted. Too bad the Arch packages don’t handle that for you, as I was used to in Debian. This caused the grub to fail booting both Windows and Arch, so I resorted to changing my primary boot device in the BIOS.

Now, one week later, I decided to fix it, and as I can never recall by heart what the steps to take are, here’s a recipe, pretty much for my own convenience.

I’m running Arch Linux currently, but the same principle should work for any Linux flavour you might be using.

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10 must-have key and mouse binding configs in Openbox en

By drm on Saturday 8 January 2011 15:21 - Comments are disabled
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In openbox, you have a configuration file in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml in which you can pretty much configure all the shortcuts you need in a lifetime. Here’s my top ten configurations, along with their code.

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Arch Linux: the better hobbyist's distro

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I made the switch from Debian Unstable to Arch Linux for my home desktop a few weeks back. I'm both impressed and pleased.


Linux Devbox: Running multiple PHP versions en

By drm on Saturday 30 October 2010 14:38 - Comments (10)
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Ever since PHP5 came out, there is some need to run multiple PHP versions on your local development box, or at least make it easy to switch from one version to another. Derick Rethans has posted a solution based on your PATH environment variable. I have devised an alternative approach which changes the system wide used PHP version.

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Setting up a headless torrent daemon in FreeBSD en

By drm on Wednesday 14 April 2010 19:46 - Comments (11)
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I have FreeBSD running as a home server for a while now. One of the things I wanted the server to take care of is downloading torrents, so I could shut down my PC whenever I am downloading stuff.

With transmission-daemon (net-p2p/transmission-daemon from ports) this is really simple.

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